COVID-19 Pandemic Era 2020

Before start of Pandemic lockdown Malaysia that began on 18 March 2020  

The above photos were all taken at Blue Boy Mansion except the bottom right as my 2nd daughter was expecting her 2nd child and did not fly the distance from US. The the 3 pics were taken within a couple of months before the Pandemic hit the whole country not forgetting the world! My 2nd grand daughter is seen in the photo taken after she was born in April of 2020.

The borders soon all became closed and I would lose physical contact with my close family members. How did I feel in my heart, mind and soul? In the period of less than two years since the lockdown, strangely I considered myself to be in the busiest time of my life! Why so? Listen to this latest online opportunity I had to express myself. I spoke from my heart mainly as my mind was fuzzy about years or figures. It was an impromptu dialogue, not a prepared speech. I was fully 'Interacting' with the host, highlighting the power of 'Interaction' I discovered in my life long journals and recent research to be the foundation of how I achieved OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking in my lifetime.

I was truly sharing the true Consciousness about myself or my life! Of course I had already written down detailed journals of my life's experiences that may validate what I rambled out as answers to questions posed to me. Most important I felt was that I spoke from the true feelings of my heart. It has always been feelings that drive me, not so much my mind/brain facts or all the knowledge I've squeezed into it from my years of formal education! Follow this neuroscientist who is inline with my personal research about feelings as the heart of human consciousness

Podcast Interaction with Taiwan:

After my dear wife passed away and the children had really grown up to live more independently, I could spend time to update my knowledge of the world. I knew we were living in an era which was like never before. Man has access to this abundant and progressive knowledge of our world and beyond. Hence the creation of became symbolic of my life from the era of my birth using old Abacus to calculate to advance to the scientific world we live today where we use computers and Cloud technology!

A senior friend of 30 years of mine living in the US watched my Podcast and on my early Friday morning of 10 Sep 2021, in Malaysia, I checked my WhatsApp to see a link he provided which is a voice podcast shared below :

Listen to what Tony Finau said about why he succeeds to be a champion in golf in the recording timed at 3:35 of what his father taught him. "Never Give Up."  In my video podcast, you can hear me conclude my talk with it at the end and also quoted it earlier with a longer version of "Never Never Never Give up!"

During the pandemic, I found that I could still make new friends face-face or online. I could do it due to what I shared in my podcast in the above video where I highlighted the something I always seek for in life was 'Interaction'. Watch this video to appreciate how this relationships of interaction improves our health and longevity: It resonates with my own podcast, where I revealed that I had enjoyed good health or never getting sick for most of my lifetime as an adult!

During the Pandemic, I was following the online news to find a property management company online in Facebook that I deduced was very professional and knew the Strata Title Management Act very well.

Interaction online chat with Joseph Wong

It was during the Pandemic at its height and I didn't expect the company to be opened but when I was checking out its webpage, I found a communication icon and clicked it. I was surprised that in the chat box was someone responding to me. I was surprised that the person on the other end was spending quite a fair amount of time type chatting with me. Guess possible during the Pandemic, we were having a great conversation for over 2 hours. I thanked the man for his time and said I would try to visit their office when the lockdown would be over!

Well the lockdown continued for very much longer and I chatted online one day again and this is when he was more comfortable with me to tell me his story. He had a major operation on his brain some time ago that failed due to an error by a nurse of the hospital. It resulted in half of his brain and whole same half of the body becoming paralyzed where even that one of his two eyes became blind! I was shocked that he was typing steadily to me and he revealed that he was just using one finger!!! He informed me he was wheel chair bound but was determined to stand up on both his feet one day. With that determination and persistence or will power, he managed to do what he intended to do too and not just be bedridden! This is Joseph Wong.

The FaceBook story of his involvement to help 'Uncle Kentang' above is a manifestation of Joseph's tenacity and will power!

Interaction meetings in Penang

When the interstate border was opened, I took the opportunity to visit family and friends! I cherish reviewing these journals that allow me to feel the interactions of life whenever I want to with just a click here.

Interaction with Community Service First groups in Kuala Lumpur

With my office located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur in Bukit Bintang, I am constantly interacting with many community groups to have first hand knowledge of all the good things people are doing especially during these pandemic times!

Interaction with souls who have departed

Since setting up my office just before the pandemic started, I was led to many good men and women who are ordinary citizens but silently are doing their part to give back to society. I was shocked to learn that one man whom I had interacted with when I first came to Blue Boy Mansion had passed away! The video above shares my feelings in memory of Kam Fatt, added to the list of many people who have passed on but I felt I had to share my natural feelings about them in this memorial online site of mine!

To be continued...


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