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Beginnings of a Transformation Project of Buildings and People

Image Starting with the setting up of a Transformation project office before a proper management office is allocated by the developer on the common property area in the year-end of 2019.  Residential and Commercial site, Blue Boy Mansion The building transformation project starts from the inside with internal renovation to create a Transformation office located on the ground floor. There are people who work and people who sleep or who are down and out! A progressive country must not leave anyone behind! This photo is taken in the day when the small office transformation was going on nearby! I spoke to this man who doesn't sleep in the day but pick empty cans from each garbage area to sell! He shared with me his Youtube videos and I can tell this man has a good heart! He may be poor but he doesn't make it worse for others and does his best to be self-reliant. He doesn't hurt others because of his good heart. This is quite