Beginnings of a Transformation Project of Buildings and People

Directions to Blue Boy Mansion - MAP 
Arrival guide to Project office - VIDEO

Starting with the setting up of a Transformation project office before a proper management office is allocated by the developer on the common property area. 

Residential and Commercial site, Blue Boy Mansion

The building transformation project starts from the inside with internal renovation to create a Transformation office located on the ground floor.

There are people who work and people who sleep or who are down and out! A progressive country must not leave anyone behind! This photo is taken in the day when the small office transformation was going on nearby!

I spoke to this man who doesn't sleep in the day but pick empty cans from each garbage area to sell!

He shared with me his Youtube videos and I can tell this man has a good heart!

He may be poor but he doesn't make it worse for others and does his best to be self-reliant. He doesn't hurt others because of his good heart. This is quite opposite to many who are not poor or can even be rich who like to make it worse for others so that they can have a better life. This is not self-reliance but pure selfishness. They don't have a good heart that comes from the inside but are tempted to be proud by advertisements of a happier life from outside forces, even to be rich in whatever way possible!

I am just an ordinary man with a name in social media I gave myself a long time ago, when I became a father, as "Dad the KL City Kid." I was impressed to write my journals which are recordings of my life. Well, what's so great about my life? Nothing really great to me as compared to all the things I had been learning throughout my life, even experimenting at times, on trying to choose an optimal or best path for my life, and even for others, but more important is to see what happens after all the "What ifs" I have engaged in life or the real-life experiments I had done.

It certainly has been a life long learning exercise from journaling for the past 40 years. It is not that I was only waiting for the end of the journey to learn what there was to learn. It was like trying to learn about everything in the Universe but you have to first learn how to walk, then ride or drive on land, then fly an airplane over the mountains, then advance to a rocket and one day, if we have solved the mystery of Quantum Waves of the Universe, we could teleport our beings just like in the Star War movies that entertain us. My journey has reached to this day as you are reading what I'm writing now.

All who know me would realize that I'm not the type of passive learner who just learns from books or the internet today. I fully engage with people, anybody, rich or poor, male or female, good heart or bad heart, it doesn't matter as this connection to the Consciousness of another taught me many many lessons and principles of life by mere observation first. Then... Learn and Do, Do and Learn is the motto that served me best. Otherwise, like trying to learn the guitar or any musical instrument, I will never be able to know how to play them and enjoy the sound of music that I could create myself!

Yes, there are many things to learn in our lifetime and I am still learning more all the time. I even dedicated many years of serious and deep research on my own, using the advance Consciousness I believe that I had already acquired, this being about the Body Mind Spirit tripartite nature of Man.

The "Inside-Out" Approach to optimal transformation (Click here for a better understanding.)

I know I have learned enough to help in the transformation of many lives and situations just with what I know today. I never stopped connecting with anyone, especially with social media(TalkLane) where I can really connect to an endless number of people that I choose to connect with without spending physical time with them. It's really whether two parties know how to optimize the time they have spent together with each other to recharge each other's batteries or drain them instead! Everything depends on how you handle relationships. I can meet them personally as I have a variety of vehicles starting with my 'walk-wagon' legs, to pedaling on two wheels, to motorized bikes, buses, trains, planes. Physical contact is not really necessary 24 hours a day unless you're the nurse or care-taker of another person who is physically invalid right? Or you're mothering/fathering dependent children.

In our modern world, most are more mentally or emotionally affected negatively and would become invalid only when they are controlled by drugs, addictive substances or even bad evil spirits they choose to believe in or follow, the substance kind or the invisible devil kind! Click here to listen to a modern-day Canadian health coach talking about the cycle of evil in our world today.

I'm not so narrow to be talking about negative religions or witchcrafts but more important is how we exercise our free will or agency to choose for ourselves what we want to believe in or do which in our modern world can just be sitting in front of the computer which can have negative side effects too, depending on how one balances his/her Body Mind Spirit nature he/she is born with or how advance is the development of negative elements in his or her life! Everything has its opposites like One and Zeros in the computer binary language. There is Male and Female, YinYang as in ancient Chinese philosophy so why not Good and Evil people or spirits that influence us one way or another. Living or Dead characters also exist in different dimensions. Optimal energy from a human being comes from the "INSIDE". The opposite is sub-optimal energy that is the result of being forced from the "OUTSIDE."

It doesn't take long to meet another physically or virtually on text, voice or video to know what is the state of consciousness in the other party especially when they go silent and not give you any feedback. This is a sign of trouble as Man is not born without a mouth to speak nor to have a brain of intelligence that doesn't or can't connect to another. It would not be natural as Man was never born to be mute or to be alone! He can speak up. He can increase his intelligence. He is a social animal and when unhappy with other humans, they can even choose a pet dog or cat to relate with them instead. You don't see these interests in lower species of life.

This is Ivan Cheng, a member of the ITC Bintang Toastmasters club whom I've come to respect knowing him for many years now. He helped me out when I faced some urgent building faults or problems in the Merdeka View apartment. Ivan didn't have a chance to go to University after school like I did but he continued to study part-time adult class as he ran his small engineering business. At Toastmaster's club contests, he was always an eloquent speaker to often beat me in the competitions as I could only be runner-up when he was a contestant with me in the same contest! He is a great example of a man who works from "Inside-Out".

See from the photo we could win two medals each and his was the gold and mine the silver prizes! Ivan came to see me as he knew I was getting the project that I've been talking for some time off the ground. He knew the need for residents to learn how to care for a building and how to work together in committee meetings with other owners in a flat/apartment property. He knew I was setting up a learning center backed by colleges of advanced education and hi-tech companies. We talked about networking with other organizations and promoting foreign students to come to stay in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for research and to apply new science and technology in our Bukit Bintang area instead of just having high-rises of buildings without a soul.

What's wrong with human nature or in the case of Blue Boy Mansion? Why was the building run down and neglected? The story will unfold and readers from the community may learn a thing or two about Human Consciousness that I will attempt to explain in the process so that the reader can avoid such disasters in your own home, your neighborhood, the greater community nearby and even the country you live in! I invite you to join me in this Transformation project and learn to know yourself better. Then learn about other people better without any negative prejudice of your heart and mind. You cannot try to solve all the problems of human life on the earth without really knowing yourself nor others around you whom you have to live, work or play with. It's truly an "Inside-Out" approach.

(Postdated event: April 5, 2020 Watch this timed-video to listen to a modern-day Apostle elaborating on the "Inside-Out" approach.)

Meeting with some influential local Malaysians with the same mindset like mine, after me from left to right, Jack Lim(President of Kuala Lumpur Society), Sharizal Shaarani(Trustee of Bukit Bintang Foundation) and Dato' Lim Seng Kok(Director of Gamuda GM sdn bhd)

Ivan Cheng above is also connected to the Kuala Lumpur Society and we are rapidly building up a team together, consisting of local and international volunteers, to help transform the Bukit Bintang area to greater heights and keeping intact the positive culture of Malaysia found in Kuala Lumpur.

Click here to learn that my first two babies or daughters were born at the Chinese Maternity hospital. I was also mobbed by 4 gangsters on a bus in Puduraya. Also, my aging father at 88 years of age, died at the Tung Shin hospital. Not all occurred at the same time of course but in the same area the video above covers! Then in a peaceful Bersih 2 peoples' rally against corruption in the government,  the police without warning shot the people with a chemical spray that stung me in my innocence as a first-time observer wearing my shorts. You will find a 3rd party photo from the internet showing I was in the crowd shot at with the chemicals and that the police also shot at the Tung Shin hospital which the biased press and Chinese MCA party health minister denied. You will see all these mentioned photos and videos if you click the link given below the video.

The Puduraya area was a central place for more Bersih 5 groups to gather like from here to end up overflowing into the Petronas Twin Towers area to be the last mega protest to get rid of elected leaders/parties not worthy in the eyes the citizens under our democratic system of our country! The positive after-effects of Bersih 5 are noted here.

Click here or the map below to see the aerial view of Blue Boy Mansion and it's proximity to icon buildings of Kuala Lumpur:

Live Project just like writing a book or helping humans transform themselves:

This is a live project just like my planned book. The difference is as a writer, it is all totally under my control. With the transformation project, it will be at the speed of how fast all parties I work with can change with me. Things were slow in the beginning primarily due to the old government, lawyers and the irresponsible developer that we sued and won. Today, things are moving very much faster with our New Malaysia, I am happy to say! I love the speed I could do things all my life with the help of the latest technology found in my devices and my own consciousness, the theme of my book out by this year-end for the world!

It's beautiful!

Previous buildings I have experience in the transformation exercise, in the same central city area of Kuala Lumpur: 

Residential only, Merdeka View.

Problems Before


Residential and business, Sun Complex.

Problems Before


To be continued.....

The Rule of Law versus The Rule by Law

Malaysia won the attention in the world when in the 14th General Election of the country, referred to as GE14 on 9 May 2018, democratically removed the ruling party of the government, "Barisan Nasional BN" for the past 61 years since Independence from the British on 31 Aug 1957. Outright corruption at all levels was the end result discovered by the citizens of the country but little could be done as instead of being able to apply the Rule of Law, the people faced the Rule of Law, where the ruling party used the law unfairly to cover-up corruption. Existing Acts of law like the Whistle-Blowers act was not adequate to protect the innocent who exposed corruption by the government such as a candidate of the then opposition party Rafizi Ramli that I had a chance to interview prior to the GE14.

Prior to GE14, getting support from government agencies or departments was not easy. In the case of Blue Boy Mansion, the developer trying to play tough with owners to withhold their strata titles and forcing them to sign a new lease as if they were leasing the property only. They were actually owners of their property unit through a prior sales and purchase agreement signed in the beginning when there was no Strata Titles law in the country yet! Through TAT Tai Aik Tong sdn bhd, using the renowned lawyers Azman Davidson & Co and two other law firms, they brought the Developer Embassy sdn bhd to court, who was defended by Manjit Singh Sachdew, Mohammad Radzi & Partners. TAT won:

TAT Tai Aik Tong sdn bhd, owner of the ground flr and 1st flr property at Blue Boy Mansion sued the developer Embassy sdn bhd who tried to claim that the company is only a lessee and not owner to try to force the company to sign a new lease agreement!  TAT refused and sued Embassy sdn bhd and won.  With the outcome of the court case in favor of TAT, all other owners could receive their titles without being forced to sign off their rights by signing a new lease agreement.

The full court judgment against Embassy sdn bhd losing to TAT can be read by clicking here.

There was evidence submitted to the court that the lawyers acting for the developer. Manjit Singh Sachdev, Mohammad Radzi & Partners, had unethically approached the innocent owners to be persuaded to sign a new lease agreement which was not necessary.  Click here to view those documents and the names of owners approached by the developer's lawyers, who can stand as witnesses to the unprofessional action of Manjit Singh Sachdev, Mohammad Radzi & Partners who should not have approached the innocent owners of units in Blue Boy Mansion who were being taken advantaged of by the developer! It is unethical for a lawyer representing a developer to approach owners to sign an agreement done by the same law firm of the developer instead of consulting their own lawyer!

TAT refused to sign the new lease agreement and Embassy sdn bhd would not release the Strata Title to TAT which was the reason why Embassy sdn bhd was sued. TAT won even after appeals by Embassy sdn bhd to higher courts who held the first judgment that it was unnecessary for Embassy sdn bhd to have forced owners to sign a new lease agreement to save their ownership rights.

As TAT had won over Embassy sdn bhd in the legal suit against the developer, TAT was given their Strata Title and as a precedent had been set from the case judgment that renewal of lease is not necessary, all other owners would receive their strata title without the necessity of renewing their lease.

Here are some details of the final judgment where TAT was the plaintiff and Embassy sdn bhd the developer was the defendant:

Read this particular statement by the judge in the High Court of Appeals on what was presented by the lawyers of Embassy sdn bhd, M/s Manjit Singh Sachdev, Mohammad Radzi & Partners with their application of the law that follows:

"I find the above argument to be not only entirely self-serving but also simply fallacious."

Now, I move on to the final issue of whether the Plaintiff has a lawful right to occupy the properties as the leases have expired. The Defendant’s counsel submits that since the leases have expired on 28.2.2002, the Plaintiff is in unlawful occupation of the properties and that the Plaintiff has no legal interest or proprietary rights in the properties. The Defendant 's counsel further submits that
since the Defendant is presently the registered owner of the strata titles to the properties, and all legal proprietary rights and title to the properties vests with the Defendant; the titles are indefeasible pursuant to s. 340 of the National Land Code 1965.

In support of that contention, the Defendant relies on the dicta of the Federal Court in
Teh Bee v. K Maruthamuthu [1977] 2 MLJ 7. I find the above argument to be not only entirely
self-serving but also simply fallacious. If the Defendant 's counsel's argument is accepted, then it would mean that, the registered proprietor of land can simply disregard his contractual obligation to transfer and give good title to a purchaser of that land by virtue of the doctrine of
indefeasibility as provided in s. 340 of the National Land Code 1965. As I have stated earlier, the Plaintiff's right to occupy the properties stems from the Principal Agreements, which are in effect agreements for the sale of the Defendant's freehold interest in the properties.

Therefore, the fact that the lease, which is an interim stopgap measure, has expired by effluxion of time will not diminish, nullify nor negate the beneficial interest of the Plaintiff in the properties. The Defendant has a contractual obligation to transfer ownership of the properties to the Plaintiff and the Plaintiff has a valid claim for a decree of specific performance of that obligation. 

In this regard, I agree with submissions of counsel for the Plaintiff that s. 340 of the National Land Code 1965 does not operate to shut out parties who have valid contractual claims to title against a registered proprietor. The Plaintiff 's beneficial interest in the properties would allow the Plaintiff to continue occupying the properties notwithstanding the expiry of the lease.

More problems from Embassy sdn bhd and their lawyer M/s Manjit Singh Sachdev, Mohammad Radzi & Partners to follow the rule of the law under the Strata Titles Act:

The following is an account of the failure of the government department or Commissioner of Buildings in following the rule of law under the latest Strata Management Act caused by the developer seeking to delay holding the 1st AGM of the Management Corporation using their same lawyers again! 

The new Strata title laws will empower owners to manage the building but they need to be educated on how to do it and part of the transformation exercise is to assist them with knowledge and experience. This will be a model for many other buildings/owners that face similar problems.

To be continued where neccessary as more information is revealed...

Continued Research and Life Long Learning progress for everyone

Everyone can Contribute to Malaysia with Love and Peace...

... not forgetting with sharing of advanced knowledge and technology from local and international sources:

It's all starts from the FEELINGS in our heart that I learned from my school days shared in a turning 60 reunion journal of old boys and girls with the special spirit of our Alma Mater that we never lost no matter where we are today.

Anyone can do it with the right Feelings and Spirit of determination to keep learning and doing. Then in the end, if we had only one more day to live, we won't have any regrets that our time has run out!

Misty Blues for Blue Boy Mansion in Bukit Bintang?

This story is shared by “Dad the KL City Kid”, my pet name ( through which I use to post my journals online, since 2005. I have been writing journals, on paper first, for the past 40 years since I turned to become an adult at age 21 in Australia. This was the time when I had the opportunity to shake the hand of a former prime minister Goth Whitlam at his graduation, to thank him for the free education I received from the Australian government led by the labor party at that time.

Receiving formal education overseas and practical experience to become a Chartered Accountant back in my home country didn’t seem sufficient.  Having majored in computer science besides accounting when I started my Australian tertiary education in 1977, I embarked into the world of an entrepreneur in the 80s. Pioneering in the field of Information Technology, I influenced the Malaysian government working with MIDA, the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority, to grant my company to be the first pioneer status IT Corporation to receive a tax-free incentive from the government for five years.

This was the beginning of my non-stop busy life to become a serial entrepreneur, also a family man with 6 children eventually, and never forgetting my spiritual commitment to serve my fellowmen through non-government organizations. I have traveled to over 30 countries during my lifetime with over 25 times to the current world superpower to satisfy my lifelong learning desire for continued intellectual and spiritual development. My accomplishments and breakthroughs in a myriad of fields of business and social/spiritual endeavors have been recognized by the public recorded in my personal “TalkLane” journal. (

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, I turned my focus to wife and family to withdraw from the business world. Basically, I rolled up my sleeves to work on the priorities of the top left quadrant of what is important and urgent, visualized by this chart. During the period of 7 years, until she passed away in 2012, many miracles occurred even in the last week of her passing which has also been recorded in my personal journals.

It was a time of great reflection on the meaning and purpose of life. Miracles continued to happen as if there was a continued connection with my wife to me to know she was well. I also felt inspired by her that I should write a real book to be published instead of just recording my life experiences in my personal journal. This began the next 7 years of intensive research to write a book after her passing.  I chose the most complex theme of ‘Human Consciousness’ to work on believing that Man needed to more fully understand this mystery that Scientific and Spiritual entities have been trying to unravel for a long time.

Blue Boy Mansion has a story to be included in my book as I launch a new Transformation Project of buildings and people starting with this historical building of Bukit Bintang. It is becoming an experiential learning place for the community in line with the hopes of a new and more progressive Malaysia perceived by the people after the 14th General Election of the country. Plans are to attract more talents, scientists, artists, researchers, technologists, historians and even ordinary tourists who can feel there is something unique or special in our country. They would want to spend more time in the Bukit Bintang area as a tourist as well as to help in, contribute or observe the positive transformation that is occurring.

The long delay of progress continued when the developer first refused to issue the new strata titles to the owners for an extended period of time since the Blue Boy Mansion Management Corporation came to existence on 1 April 2011 as per the certificate below:

It required a lawsuit against the developer to force the company Embassy sdn bhd to begin issuing strata titles to all entitled owners as recorded here.

At last, on 15th October 2019, the owners were able to attend the 1st Annual General Meeting of the new Management Corporation that was long delayed by the errant developer. Five members of the management committee were duly elected representing owners of units in the building.

Everyone is feeling less blue and more hopeful as they witness positive changes happening in Blue Boy Mansion. This video is made with the famous "Misty Blue" music, sharing photos of the past, present, and future people who have been or will be involved in this soul-changing Transformation project:

More early celebrations below without the Blues at Blue Boy Mansion in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur:

I was attracted to my oldest daughter's photo she shared as her profile photo in Facebook all in Blue at this time of writing:

Love her Blues outfit! More so, I love her heart and mind as the oldest child in our family who started me off in social media when she was a teenager! We're an international family today with a somewhat multi-culture just like the country of Malaysia where all the children were born. 

Here is a short video of our last family reunion in 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.  Mom of the family is missing as she had passed away 7 years ago at this date of writing. which is towards the year-end of 2019. Click here for a longer video of her life with the family.

Then something happened later at Blue Boy on 7 December 2019, to my surprise! Watch the video below to know what happened:

I am a very fast camera man and videographer. This YouTube is the result with an online production date stamp of 9 Dec 2019.

Fei was the one who brought home our famous Simba dog found at school when young. Wow, I was wondering why I pulled in her first photo from Facebook above in her blue outfit? I guess it happened because I am passionate about my family that after wishing my youngest son Happy Birthday online from Blue Boy, I just noticed her bluish outfit matched the Blue Boy Mansion name. My neurons connect things very fast to give me meaning and purpose of many events that happen in my life!  I also added our last family reunion video of 2018 above as my heart and mind was all about family!

I added the photos of my daughter above when I found out we had 7 puppies at Blue Boy! She was known to bring stray puppies from school to our home!

Then Another Surprise!

Little did I expect she would be paying me a visit at Blue Boy on 28 Dec 2019!

She got to play with the puppies who were now 7 x 3 = 21 days or 3 weeks old since found newly born on 7 Dec. All these numbers of 7 definitely qualify the experience to be included in my Story of 7 journal that was started many years ago.

She got to witness this rare photo where all 7 puppies were being fed at the same time by their mother! It is really lucky for me to capture this rare occasion happening right in front my camera! Click here for a timed video of her visit with her husband and enjoy the music from my heart.

The Importance of Heritage and Culture through Story Telling in our Tumultuous World Today

The History of Blue Boy Mansion in relation to the discovery of my Family History and the Blue Mansion in Penang built by Cheong Fatt Tze

First, watch this video to set the mood that starts in Penang:

Next watch this video that travels to Medan Indonesia:

Last but not least, watch this video that travels through Time, Places & People

Keep the afternoon time free on Sunday 22 Dec 2019 for a soft pre-launch of my first book on the theme of Human Consciousness, being the 37th Anniversary of my wedding anniversary with my late wife who has inspired me for all that I have achieved in my adult life. This includes amazing results of my past 7-year research to tackle a subject that is most tricky to write about that I feel the world needs to know more about! Geok Lee is the real storyteller who won the hearts of many shared in this journal post of mine.

The importance of Heritage and Culture for the world I believe has been underrated with too much focus on the 'Now' and 'Today' in our news headlines and media  like what is shared below:

Compare the above video to this one found in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2016:

My wife may be the storyteller as shared in the above journal post link but I am the Story Rambler where in my 7-year research, I can justify why it is necessary to reach out to the young today in this manner. I learned it over my lifetime, having the experience of CHI Computer-Human Interaction and WEI Western-Eastern Interaction. The necessity of rambling at the speed of 5G is explained in the video below for those who may need to catch up on how education should be today:

Excerpt from a research paper on the importance of storytelling in a city or country to achieve unity
(Brief extract of a research paper)

To revitalize the neighbourhoods and recreate public-spirited areas, the communication between the professionals, the habitants and the stakeholders is essential. It is essential to treat the cultural differences of race and ethnicity, class, economy, aesthetics etc. not only as physical parts of the city, but also as public events, as the nervous system of the urban organism. 

Through storytelling that communication is facilitated because it is an art that cultivates and strengthens the ability to listen to other people’s stories. Listening is irreplaceably necessary for any kind of prosperity and development. Listening empowers people with knowledge and awareness and instils in them empathy and appreciation for diversity. “Bringing together different points of view and trying to create a shared understanding among all stakeholders can lead to new insights, new ideas, and new artefacts” (Fischer et al, 2002:1). Jack Zipes (1995) in Creative Storytelling: Building Community-Changing 
Lives claimed that mythmaking can “create a home or 
community” (7) because “storytellers are not just performers; they may perform, but they are first and foremost listeners and animators; they listen to tales before telling or performing them; they listen to phenomena, experiences, and conditions, and they observe; then they share experiences and animate people to learn something from the shared moment of the telling”. Storytelling can be a valuable engine of city and civic renewal by bringing closer and investing in the participatory creativity of diverse communities and by envisioning new images of the urban life. Open to the public storytelling practices can profit community building and imbue people with a deeper understanding of the creative potential of this city allowing art to better the human condition. 

To better the urban life means to become aware of the identity and structure of the city and to being able to articulate and picture alternative images which train the eye of the observer, stimulate the imagination of the flâneur and secure the imageability of the city which as Kevin Lynch (1960) wrote in The Image of The City “facilitates the making of vividly identified, powerfully structured, highly useful mental images of the environment” (9) which invite the observer to “absorb new sensuous impact” (10). Creative cities do not just pop out of nowhere. Imagination, dedication and care are as much needed as high-quality designs and fundraising strategies.

The storiness of a communal lived materiality, the consciousness of a multicultural storyboard imbued with meaning and experience ought to be penciled in the design papers.

This research paper opts to have accentuated the significance of storytelling for an all-embracing awareness of the multicultural oral heritage of Thessaloniki and a collective creative response to it through mediation projects. It is strongly recommended to heighten public awareness of these issues providing a deeper sensitivity and a pro-active critical analysis of Interculturalism. It was explored how storytelling empowers social networks in the multicultural city of Thessaloniki; how social psychology, experience, imagination activation and emotions influence the consciousness people have and shape about the urban wide-ranging society; how the co-creation of urban tales weaves the image of the city and how participatory creativity can enliven domesticity and foster intercultural mediation between diverse communities while preserving oral heritage. 

Stories were and are created to represent, make meaning of and convey various sentiments about human nature and culture as well as to represent imaginary worlds and abstract concepts. Stories manage almost unconditionally to bring magic into our lives and carry a dynamism that can set our emotional baggage free and inspire us to revisit our perspective. When it comes to storytelling, there is a lot to be learned, earned and dreamed.

My passion in our own Family History led to my passion in Heritage and Culture of buildings, with people I can help to improve their Consciousness from the knowledge I have acquired in my life experiences and the long research I had undertaken to be qualified to write and publish my first book. Blue Boy Mansion attracted my attention as I couldn't understand why such a problem could exist in the heart of Kuala Lumpur ignored by the government, law enforcement agencies and the owners themselves when laws have changed to give them more rights to act to protect their own properties.

I will need time to follow up on the history of the building and the stories with more research, especially on the pioneer Mr. Lee Tham Yin, known commonly as TY Lee who built the first high rise flat in Kuala Lumpur and possibly the whole country in 1962. The little I have learned is that he came from China with a wife from Hong Kong, qualified to work in the Federation City Council and later came out to work for himself to be a successful businessman. He named the building as 'Blue Boy Mansion' as a Dutchman gave him a sketch/painting of a boy that was all blue in color!

Blue Boy Mansion has caught up with the times where Liberalism has begun since our 14th General Election where we will move forward with change as space and time requires but we must keep our heritage and culture of Malaysia's way of problem-solving that I learned from this recent very modern conference on Liberalism:

Bukit Bintang Foundation and KL Society leaders helping to organize more storytelling events of our culture in Malaysia:

On my left to right : Jack Lim, President of KL Society with Sharizal Shaarani, Trustee of Bukit Bintang Foundation and on the far right Dato' Lim Seng Kok, director of Gamuda GM.

They organized their first Discourse successfully on 11 Dec 2019 with two politicians as guest speakers YBhg Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop and YB Senator Liew Chin Tong, their profiles being shared in the above video.  (Postdated 30 May 2020 article from ex-deputy minister, Mr Liew Chin Tong, introduced in the video above, of what Malaysians need to be aware of for the progress of the country. Click here to read.)

Invitation to the second Discourse was received with the following message:

As I write this, it is 7th day of Chinese New Year and chinese traditions calls today 'renri' which literally means Human Day and is considered to be the birthday of ordinary, or common men. It marks a coming of age of sorts and Malaysia this year celebrates its 63rd Independence day and 57th Malaysia Day.

Education has been a driver for anyone to come of age in today’s modern era and this human right has been a victim to a myriad of issues: quality of education, constitutional rights given to minorities, politics, a perceived "social contract", national unity; and the debate continues along the lines of legality versus morality. 

What are we to stand for when it comes to education, the rights to it and what it stands for in the national context?

To explore the above, Bukit Bintang Foundation and KL Society is happy to organise our second discourse series "The Vernacular Vortex - Do we need a new 'Social Contract'?"

Our panelist will be once again led by the esteemed Eddin Khoo and will consist of a prominent line up with YBhg Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi , YBrs Shahril Hamdan (UMNO Deputy Youth Chief), YB Senator Dato' Sri Ti Lian Ker (MCA Vice President) and YB Puan Wong Shu Qi (DAP MP from Kluang)

As we ponder deeper over the weekend what are our respective positions on the issue, perhaps we too can ponder what should be the position for Malaysia and all Malaysians and bring this to the event next week.

To register please use the NUSA special code "KLSOCBBCS" at the event page

Hope to see you then.

Bukit Bintang Foundation