Beginnings of a Transformation Project of Buildings and People

Image Starting with the setting up of a Transformation project office before a proper management office is allocated by the developer on the common property area in the year-end of 2019.  Residential and Commercial site, Blue Boy Mansion The building transformation project starts from the inside with internal renovation to create a Transformation office located on the ground floor. There are people who work and people who sleep or who are down and out! A progressive country must not leave anyone behind! This photo is taken in the day when the small office transformation was going on nearby! I spoke to this man who doesn't sleep in the day but pick empty cans from each garbage area to sell! He shared with me his Youtube videos and I can tell this man has a good heart! He may be poor but he doesn't make it worse for others and does his best to be self-reliant. He doesn't hurt others because of his good heart. This is quite

The sad state of Blue Boy Mansion in Kuala Lumpur that needs urgent attention


The Rule of Law versus The Rule by Law

Malaysia won the attention in the world when in the 14th General Election of the country, referred to as GE14 on 9 May 2018, democratically removed the ruling party of the government, "Barisan Nasional BN" for the past 61 years since Independence from the British on 31 Aug 1957. Outright corruption at all levels was the end result discovered by the citizens of the country but little could be done as instead of being able to apply the Rule of Law, the people faced the Rule of Law, where the ruling party used the law unfairly to cover-up corruption. Existing Acts of law like the Whistle-Blowers act was not adequate to protect the innocent who exposed corruption by the government such as a candidate of the then opposition party Rafizi Ramli that I had a chance to interview prior to the GE14. Prior to GE14, getting support from government agencies or departments was not easy. In the case of Blue Boy Mansion, the developer trying to play tough with owners to withhold their s

Continued Research and Life Long Learning progress for everyone

Everyone can Contribute to Malaysia with Love and Peace... ... not forgetting with sharing of advanced knowledge and technology from local and international sources: It's all starts from the FEELINGS in our heart that I learned from my school days shared in a turning 60  reunion journal of old boys and girls with the special spirit of our Alma Mater that we never lost no matter where we are today. Anyone can do it with the right Feelings and Spirit of determination to keep learning and doing. Then in the end, if we had only one more day to live, we won't have any regrets that our time has run out!

Misty Blues for Blue Boy Mansion in Bukit Bintang?

This story is shared by “Dad the KL City Kid”, my pet name ( ) through which I use to post my journals online, since 2005. I have been writing journals, on paper first,   for the past 40 years since I turned to become an adult at age 21 in Australia. This was the time when I had the opportunity to shake the hand of a former prime minister Goth Whitlam at his graduation, to thank him for the free education I received from the Australian government led by the labor party at that time. Receiving formal education overseas and practical experience to become a Chartered Accountant back in my home country didn’t seem sufficient.   Having majored in computer science besides accounting when I started my Australian tertiary education in 1977, I embarked into the world of an entrepreneur in the 80s. Pioneering in the field of Information Technology, I influenced the Malaysian government working with MIDA, the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority, to grant

The Importance of Heritage and Culture through Story Telling in our Tumultuous World Today

The History of Blue Boy Mansion in relation to the discovery of my Family History and the Blue Mansion in Penang built by Cheong Fatt Tze First, watch this video to set the mood that starts in Penang: Next watch this video that travels to Medan Indonesia: Last but not least, watch this video that travels through Time, Places & People Keep the afternoon time free on Sunday 22 Dec 2019 for a soft pre-launch of my first book on the theme of Human Consciousness, being the 37th Anniversary of my wedding anniversary with my late wife who has inspired me for all that I have achieved in my adult life. This includes amazing results of my past 7-year research to tackle a subject that is most tricky to write about that I feel the world needs to know more about! Geok Lee is the real storyteller who won the hearts of many shared in this journal post of mine. The importance of Heritage and Culture for the world I believe has been underrated with too much

COVID-19 Pandemic Era 2020

Before the start of a Pandemic lockdown in Malaysia that began on 18 March 2020   The above photos were all taken at  Blue Boy Mansion  except the bottom right as my 2nd daughter was expecting her 2nd child and did not fly the distance from US. The 3 pics were taken within a couple of months before the Pandemic hit the whole country not forgetting the world! My 2nd grand daughter is seen in the photo taken after she was born in April of 2020. The borders soon all became closed and I would lose physical contact with my close family members. How did I feel in my heart, mind and soul? In the period of less than two years since the lockdown, strangely I considered myself to be in the busiest time of my life! Why so? Listen to this latest online opportunity I had to express myself. I spoke from my heart mainly as my mind was fuzzy about years or figures. It was an impromptu dialogue, not a prepared speech. I was fully 'Interacting' with the host, highlighting the power of 'Inter