Misty Blues for Blue Boy Mansion in Bukit Bintang?

This story is shared by “Dad the KL City Kid”, my pet name (https://bit.ly/2n6LyrQ) through which I use to post my journals online, since 2005. I have been writing journals, on paper first, for the past 40 years since I turned to become an adult at age 21 in Australia. This was the time when I had the opportunity to shake the hand of a former prime minister Goth Whitlam at his graduation, to thank him for the free education I received from the Australian government led by the labor party at that time.

Receiving formal education overseas and practical experience to become a Chartered Accountant back in my home country didn’t seem sufficient.  Having majored in computer science besides accounting when I started my Australian tertiary education in 1977, I embarked into the world of an entrepreneur in the 80s. Pioneering in the field of Information Technology, I influenced the Malaysian government working with MIDA, the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority, to grant my company to be the first pioneer status IT Corporation to receive a tax-free incentive from the government for five years.

This was the beginning of my non-stop busy life to become a serial entrepreneur, also a family man with 6 children eventually, and never forgetting my spiritual commitment to serve my fellowmen through non-government organizations. I have traveled to over 30 countries during my lifetime with over 25 times to the current world superpower to satisfy my lifelong learning desire for continued intellectual and spiritual development. My accomplishments and breakthroughs in a myriad of fields of business and social/spiritual endeavors have been recognized by the public recorded in my personal “TalkLane” journal. (https://bit.ly/3111RIh)

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, I turned my focus to wife and family to withdraw from the business world. Basically, I rolled up my sleeves to work on the priorities of the top left quadrant of what is important and urgent, visualized by this chart. During the period of 7 years, until she passed away in 2012, many miracles occurred even in the last week of her passing which has also been recorded in my personal journals.

It was a time of great reflection on the meaning and purpose of life. Miracles continued to happen as if there was a continued connection with my wife to me to know she was well. I also felt inspired by her that I should write a real book to be published instead of just recording my life experiences in my personal journal. This began the next 7 years of intensive research to write a book after her passing.  I chose the most complex theme of ‘Human Consciousness’ to work on believing that Man needed to more fully understand this mystery that Scientific and Spiritual entities have been trying to unravel for a long time.

Blue Boy Mansion has a story to be included in my book as I launch a new Transformation Project of buildings and people starting with this historical building of Bukit Bintang. It is becoming an experiential learning place for the community in line with the hopes of a new and more progressive Malaysia perceived by the people after the 14th General Election of the country. Plans are to attract more talents, scientists, artists, researchers, technologists, historians and even ordinary tourists who can feel there is something unique or special in our country. They would want to spend more time in the Bukit Bintang area as a tourist as well as to help in, contribute or observe the positive transformation that is occurring.

The long delay of progress continued when the developer first refused to issue the new strata titles to the owners for an extended period of time since the Blue Boy Mansion Management Corporation came to existence on 1 April 2011 as per the certificate below:

It required a lawsuit against the developer to force the company Embassy sdn bhd to begin issuing strata titles to all entitled owners as recorded here.

At last, on 15th October 2019, the owners were able to attend the 1st Annual General Meeting of the new Management Corporation that was long delayed by the errant developer. Five members of the management committee were duly elected representing owners of units in the building.

Everyone is feeling less blue and more hopeful as they witness positive changes happening in Blue Boy Mansion. This video is made with the famous "Misty Blue" music, sharing photos of the past, present, and future people who have been or will be involved in this soul-changing Transformation project:

More early celebrations below without the Blues at Blue Boy Mansion in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur:

I was attracted to my oldest daughter's photo she shared as her profile photo in Facebook all in Blue at this time of writing:

Love her Blues outfit! More so, I love her heart and mind as the oldest child in our family who started me off in social media when she was a teenager! We're an international family today with a somewhat multi-culture just like the country of Malaysia where all the children were born. 

Here is a short video of our last family reunion in 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.  Mom of the family is missing as she had passed away 7 years ago at this date of writing. which is towards the year-end of 2019. Click here for a longer video of her life with the family.

Then something happened later at Blue Boy on 7 December 2019, to my surprise! Watch the video below to know what happened:

I am a very fast camera man and videographer. This YouTube is the result with an online production date stamp of 9 Dec 2019.

Fei was the one who brought home our famous Simba dog found at school when young. Wow, I was wondering why I pulled in her first photo from Facebook above in her blue outfit? I guess it happened because I am passionate about my family that after wishing my youngest son Happy Birthday online from Blue Boy, I just noticed her bluish outfit matched the Blue Boy Mansion name. My neurons connect things very fast to give me meaning and purpose of many events that happen in my life!  I also added our last family reunion video of 2018 above as my heart and mind was all about family!

I added the photos of my daughter above when I found out we had 7 puppies at Blue Boy! She was known to bring stray puppies from school to our home!

Then Another Surprise!

Little did I expect she would be paying me a visit at Blue Boy on 28 Dec 2019!

My daughter got to play with the puppies who were now 7 x 3 = 21 days or 3 weeks old since found newly born on 7 Dec. All these numbers of 7 definitely qualify the experience to be included in my Story of 7 journal that was started many years ago.

She got to witness this rare photo where all 7 puppies were being fed at the same time by their mother! It is really lucky for me to capture this rare occasion happening right in front my camera! Click here for a timed video of her visit with her husband and enjoy the music from my heart.

The boys came over from Singapore in February 2020. It is not our every two year reunion of the whole family together yet as a wedding of the oldest boy in the centre was planned to happen later in the year. My second daughter was expecting her second baby in the US in April and we thought we would see her at the time when the wedding would take place later in the year where everyone could be gathered together at one place.

On March 18,2020 the MCO Movement Control Order began in Malaysia extended to the end of 2020 at this point in writing.

It's a kind of a Misty Blues season for the whole world, a name I chose for this post even before the COVID-19 pandemic was realized when I started writing on this journal post! One can click the above photo to watch a family video of the blessing of my 2nd grand-daughter via an online Zoom Meeting.

12 Aug 2021
Kam Fatt, a veteran in community service work in Bukit Bintang including Blue Boy Mansion passed away on this day.

This video is shared as a tribute to him together with tributes from others in a web memorial site created by a friend in the community where it would not be possible by his humble family. Special appreciation and thanks to Jack Lim who keeps me well informed of many things that enhances my Consciousness beyond events in Bukit Bintang!

28 May 2022
Kam Fatt restaurant after renovation

4 Jun 2022
JUMPA at Sungei Wang KL event

23 Jul 2022

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