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Continued Research and Life Long Learning progress for everyone

Everyone can Contribute to Malaysia with Love and Peace... ... not forgetting with sharing of advanced knowledge and technology from local and international sources: It's all starts from the FEELINGS in our heart that I learned from my school days shared in a turning 60  reunion journal of old boys and girls with the special spirit of our Alma Mater that we never lost no matter where we are today. Anyone can do it with the right Feelings and Spirit of determination to keep learning and doing. Then in the end, if we had only one more day to live, we won't have any regrets that our time has run out!

Misty Blues for Blue Boy Mansion in Bukit Bintang?

This story is shared by “Dad the KL City Kid”, my pet name ( ) through which I use to post my journals online, since 2005. I have been writing journals, on paper first,   for the past 40 years since I turned to become an adult at age 21 in Australia. This was the time when I had the opportunity to shake the hand of a former prime minister Goth Whitlam at his graduation, to thank him for the free education I received from the Australian government led by the labor party at that time. Receiving formal education overseas and practical experience to become a Chartered Accountant back in my home country didn’t seem sufficient.   Having majored in computer science besides accounting when I started my Australian tertiary education in 1977, I embarked into the world of an entrepreneur in the 80s. Pioneering in the field of Information Technology, I influenced the Malaysian government working with MIDA, the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority, to grant